Gemini & Sagittarius Love Horoscope for 4th December, 2020

Are you Gemini and your partner Sagittarius or vice versa? Get your daily love and relationship prediction. All about your day, the romance and compatibility and issues you can expect today.

Gemini - Sagittarius Love Horoscope for today, ie., Friday, December 4.

Gemini Gemini
Sagittarius Sagittarius

Today the stars are warning you to be tactful. You and your companion have come a long way in this journey of love, and you share a deep-rooted bond of love and trust. Even though keeping secrets is not healthy for your relationship, but some discussions are best to be avoided. If you really want to share something sensitive with your sweetheart, be tactful so as you do not break his/her trust in you. Avoid making the issue a point of discussion in your love relationship.

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