They are the exuberant with lots of zeal in their personality. Some of them are rather shy and with drawn. The patient and gentle behavior in them make them very wanted all around.

Aquarians are people who are very concerned about their future. They are governed by the planet Uranus. They escape being in the present and are found to live thinking of their future. Very few people are allowed to come close to them. But those who are able to touch the inner core will be getting an undiluted attention from them. Since at times they are detached from the present world thinking of what is coming their way they are misread as being detached or uncaring. Surrounded by very close people they can sometimes be very lonely. They need space and are not willing to give up on that sphere. The depth of their character may get misjudged at times. An Aquarian who at times seem very shy may at times be very jovial exuberant and out going.

The artistic character in them makes them artists, designers, innovators and inventors. They also make excellent teachers, writers, journalists as well as good social worker. Very independent they are at times unconventional and will not go by the dictates of others. They are understanding and understand another person's individuality. When angry they are logical and look for solutions rather than blaming others. They prefer talking of their problems rather than keeping it bottled up in them. They love working in groups but their way of thinking should carry weight and they cannot think of others taking the lead.

They should be careful about their legs, knee and ankle. Avoiding alcohol should be a must to protect their health. At times they are philosophical and may at times lack humor. They are open minded people. But they hate narrow minded people who are uncaring. Since they are not expressive, they cannot be judged properly. Both intuitive and calculative they can judge what is coming their way and have a lot of mental preparation made. This water sign when faced with a problem will try to fight it themselves and will not allow others to participate. When others are in trouble they will at times go out of their way to help.

Favorite colors of the Aquarians are; blue, bright pink and the colors of the rainbow. Flowers like Lily, pitcher plant, aloe and yucca find most favor with them. The stone that suits them best are Topaz. They are most compatible with Libra and Gemini. Famous personalities like Abhishek Bachcan Jackie Shroff Preity Zinta and Ramesh Sippy belong to this category. Randhir Kapoor Subhas Ghai and Tina Munim to Pran all are Aquarians. Paris Hilton, Oprah Winfrey and Bridgette Jones to James Joyce are grouped together under this sun sign.