With the element of fire and a very trustful life style they are ruled by the planet Mars. With stretchable helping hands, a protector of the weak and the leader in an Aries makes them a positive personality.

The Ram is the sign of the Aries and that is why it is said that they seem to be so persistent. No man is without negative trends and so are Aries. They are at times jealous, not good listeners and at times intolerant. The leadership quality in them makes them face challenges. They do not get nervous and never shy away from a problem. Although they are good leaders but they don't like to be led. They may hold good posts in the Army and may be good politicians. They make good researchers and whatever they may do they do it willingly and with a lot of geniuses in it.

Since they are a very organized and helpful most people get along with them well. They make a good business man and can make a successful career out of a creative art. Sometimes, because of their over enthusiasm and headstrong attitude; they find it difficult to complete their job and get people to do it their way. They do not like gossips and do not like hurting others. When they fall ill they mainly suffer from headaches and fever. But they manage ailment well as they belong to the fire sign. They have a huge reserve of determination which helps them to glide over any adverse situation. It is very interesting to have an Aries as a friend because they carry very positive vibes and are fond of their friends. When the need arises, they will go to any length to help their friends out of a problem.

Aries may have stressful relation ships with Capricorn, Cancer and Libra but they cannot at all adjust with Scorpions and Virgos. However, Aquarius, Gemini Leo Pisces and Taurus are sun-signs that an Aries would get along with comfortably. A failure does not hold them back and they bounce back to achieve success. Aries believe in what they do and are not afraid of any risk. Sometimes this attitude leaves them in difficult situations and they bounce back from it very successfully. They are very passionate about their partners and do not ever hurt them knowingly.

Ideal food for the Aries is nuts, strawberries, spinach, salads, carrots and dates. They are very fond of vegetables dishes. Brain and eyes are parts of the body they should take care of. They are fond of colors like red, pink, yellow and white. They are interested in precious stones like diamonds and rubies. Tiger Lilies and red roses are their favorite flowers. Famous people like Russell Crowe, Charlie Chaplin, Elton John are famous Aries personalities. Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Thomas Jefferson along with Collin Powell is some of the best known Aries. Film stars like Ajay Devgan, Jaya Prada and Rani Mukherjee also belong to the zodiac sign of Aries.