Like the crab they with stand the ever changing turbulent world by building a hard cover like protection around them. Although basically very helpful and loving by nature at times they don't want to cooperate. The very sensitive Cancerian gets hurt easily and although they can sometimes forgive, they never forgive easily.

Cancer is ruled by the moon and is the 4th Zodiac sign. They are governed by water and are a bit soft by nature. They seek love and feel helpless when avoided. They need constant encouragement and sometimes even support. It is difficult to know what they are looking for in life and are very secretive in nature. They are good in communication and make good writers and businessmen. Their intuitive power makes them a good psychic.

Art Literature and Mimicry are their strong-holds and they love to travel a lot. However much a Cancerians may travel, at the end of the day they will always want to get back home as they are fond of this comfort zone and will never give it up at any cost. They have a strong will power and follow their hearts and mind. They are not static and love to move about a lot. If educated properly, they show the strong power of their education and are able to prove their intelligence. With excellent memories and a quick up skill they succeed in whatever they take up. They are prone to mood swings and feel low during night and lively during the day.

Some interesting facts about them are they love flowers like Daisies passion flowers as well as Iris and are fond of colors like off - white, cream, white, green and silver - grey. Gems like Opal Pearl and Moonstone attract them and go well with their personality. A Cancerian can and will always enjoy every moment of his life especially when he receives some public appreciation. On his own he will never seek attention and look for publicity or fame but definitely once he gets it he will relish it very much. When hurt, they will hide into a shell and lock themselves from the outside world and will not be seen around.

During these times they will not answer mails, doorbells or even emails. They are fond of the past and will love collecting antiques and visiting monuments and forts. They have an amazing quality of earning luxuries of life and building up enormous wealth. If friends and relatives need financial help they will go out of their way to help. They need to take care of their stomach and pancreas as these organs might sometimes try to trouble them.

At times they seem to be very strong characters and at times they behave like a problematic child. They will at times control their emotions and at times fail to do so. Famous personalities like Tom Cruise and Helen Keller are born under this sun-sign. Karishma Kapoor, Amrish Puri and Priyanka Chopra are the other famous personalities belonging to this group.