The Lion or the King of the animal kingdom signifies that a Leo likes to lead a life of dominance with grandeur.

The lion signifies the Leo personality. They love to socialize and make trust worthy friends. Being extroverts and courageous the magnanimity in their character brings in a lot of followers. They have the tendency to rule and govern as the kingly state of attitude is predominant in them. They have a clear perception of life and know exactly what they want. Since they have no confusion about the way they think, they are capable of going to any length for their achievements. Grandeur and pageantry attract Leos and they are sometimes very egoistic. That is the reason they don't idolize on another person easily. They don't judge a situation from a superficial level and they try to hit the bull's eye to get to a problem.

They like to be at the helm of any job and do good to hold responsible positions at the top most level of an organization. They are creative and artistic and do well in the field of music and acting. Leos are strong willed, ambitious and have a lot of self control. A high level of self confidence and inferior to none attitude are their character traits. They can make it big as actors, chairman of a company, painter and musicians. Women folk of this sun-sign make good social workers. The warm hearted, straightforward Leo often ends up trusting people around them. When deceived by the people who they trust leads to great pain and the Leos fall prey to them. They are of a very generous nature but can become very bad human beings if the situation so demands.

Their sensitive body parts are their spine, heart and upper back. They should be careful about high fever and Jaundice too. These enormously daring personalities don't like mean spiritedness and avoid misers. They sometime become highly philosophical and are very religious. They are a bit traditional in their out look. Religious and traditional values are regarded with sincerity and they abide by them too. They love attention and flattery and are happy to receive compliments. Fire is their Zodiac element and so they tend to get hot-headed soon. Leos are fond of a highly disciplined life style and go by the routine that they set for themselves. Otherwise a very organized lot, they are unable to manage their finances and sometime land up spending more than they want to.

Some interesting facts about Leo's are they like the gem Ruby and colors such as Golden, Yellow and Orange. Dahlia, Sunflower Marigold and Gerbera are their favorite flowers. Neil Armstrong, V.V. Giri, Sanjay Dutt, JRD Tata, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Clinton to JK Rowling and Kajol; all belong to this group.