The Pisces sun sign has the Fish as the animal and are born under the water sign. Governed by the planet Neptune they are not at all egoistic. They are a humorous lot and the philosophy of their life is live and let live. They take their relationships very seriously and expect others to do the same. Being generous and loyal in their approach they make excellent reliable friends. Flamboyance sometimes takes over them and they are at times unpractical.

They love the comforts of life and are unable to control the wants in their life. A Piscean will look for appreciation and love to be noticed. However if they fail to earn appreciation they feel let down and take time to come back and start afresh. Being creative, they have an amazing potential in the field of arts. They make good film makers and photographers.

Workaholics by nature they can at times live a strenuous life. Depression sets in easily but a book or a slight distraction like a film can give them a lift bring them out of such situations. They can do well in business provided that they are able to handle crisis and failures. Therefore, they can be successful only with a guiding business partner. They love doing more than one thing at a time and dual jobs suit them. Routine 9-5 job or the same atmosphere bores them easily.

They are the true believers of the phrase 'that a thing of Beauty is a joy for ever'. They have an eye for good and pretty things. The Pisceans are very flexible people. However it is this flexibility that sometimes makes it difficult to adhere to a time frame. The good thing about this star sign is they don't have egos and don't tolerate egoistic people. They make very good life partners. As they are very reliable and can value a relationship with a very positive attitude. Liver and Feet are their most problematic areas but must guard against boils and anemia. They are intrigued by mysterious people and mystery in all forms raises their curiosity and they easily get about it trying to solve them. People who easily find faults or criticize easily as well as those who think they have a know-it-all attitude are looked down upon by a Pisceans.

Some interesting facts about the Pisceans are that they love the color Violet. Other colors which attract them are shades of grey. Blue and green are also suited as they are water signs. White and Silvery colors attract them to no end. Flower like jasmine are their favorite. Cyprus, lilac, and lilies attract them too. Amethyst is their sun sign stone. They are most compatible with Scorpion and Cancer sun sign. Albert Einstein, Michelangelo and Elizabeth Taylor are famous Piscean personality.