They are fond of competitions and take challenges easily. If by chance they get defeated they take a deep breath and get back to winning very soon. They are full of positive energy always and love to work with full involvement. They like everything in black and white and shades of grey do not exist for them. The Scorpio's clear thinking help them to do what they want and are generally not very upset about their decisions.

The governing planet for a Scorpio is Pluto. They are courteous and always in self control. Scorpios have a hypnotic character and the magnetism in them help them to attract a lot of people around them. With keen eyes for details, critical and obsessed with what they have in hand, gives them the chance to be a genius. Military, law, research as well as medical fields attract them. They are passionate people and they are very fond of their life partners. Although sometimes they may seem to be absent from their surrounding, others may forget that they have their ears open and are carefully observing the situation. They hate flattery and hate people hiding facts from them. When they like their friends they can go to any extent to help them in their needs. But they can be a menace and threat to them whom they dislike.

Scorpios belong to the water sign and are found to be sensual. They are fond of Opal and only this stone can suit them. In social functions they stand out as they are good conversationalists. Their communication skills and love of life make them famous. If dealt in the wrong way they can turn out to be very revengeful. They are not scared of the toughness of life and no difficulties can make them step back. Scorpios are creative people and can make it to the top in literature and artistic adventures. These dominating personalities are to be carefully dealt with. They are very secretive in nature and refrain form giving out what they think should be kept under cover. Although very pleasant to the outside world they sometimes are good strategist and will play a careful game to throw their enemies out of sight. When they are thrown on the ground they bounce back to prove that they are more successful now and don't get let down easily.

Some interesting facts about Scorpios are they are fond of the color brown, black, maroon red, blood red, dark red. Flowers such as Alpinia, Hibiscus, Peony, and Cactus are their most favorite. They are compatible with Cancer and Pisces. Bloodstone is their lucky stone and any number adding up to 9 and the number 9 are their lucky numbers. They should be careful about the kidneys and pelvis. Rishi Kapoor Saira Banu and Asha Bhonsle are the personalities in this sun-sign. Personalities like Richard Burton, Prince Charles, Madame Curie, Indira Gandhi to Martin Luther and Theodore Roosevelt all belong to this group.