A Taurus personality is a reserved person and is a bit selective about having friends and coming out into the open. Although some are of the opinion that they are highly social but they are very selective. They have their negative sides also. They are at times slow to make friends. They talk less and are obstinate. Cooking and art are their trade marks. They have their own opinion and don 't allow others to influence them easily. Left to themselves they are very happy. Although he is a good controller of his emotions and does not get angry easily, yet, when he looses his temper it is difficult to control him. He may trample anyone and everyone who crosses his way at that moment.

These homely characters are not much fond of changes. They carefully study situations before they take decisions and that is why they are very dependable. Extremely doting and caring by nature they themselves feel very content. However if they don't want to hear you out whatever you may say will fall on deaf years as they don't get convinced by others. These people whether men or women can manage their work independently and are not dependent on others. They dislike being taken out of their comfort zone.

A Taurus can under high pressure sometimes think of switching themselves off and seeking seclusion. This however is a positive trait in them for they are looking for their inner-self to contemplate and study the situation to come back and be on the correct track once again. To live in a luxurious, safe and at the same time a secure atmosphere they have a lot to contribute. They do it with utmost care and confidence and at the same time it is also painstaking to have this sort of a life style. A Taurus commands respect and reverence. They crave for rich secure life. Although luxuries attract them, they are conscious about wastage.

Tonsillitis goiters sore-throats are some of the diseases they should watch out for. However they may have a good voice and may make use of this organ in a very positive way. The possessiveness of their character might frighten away those who do not like to be controlled and are independent minded. But a Taurus will never go by the dictates of others unless convinced by them. They will not want anyone or for that matter any one to come close to them. A passionate person by nature once they take a liking for someone will always be at their side during rough times as well as good times.

Sagittarius and Libras do not mingle well with the Taurus personality. They can risk keeping in touch with an Aquarius, Leo and a Scorpion. However, Aries, Cancer Capricorn, Gemini, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo are there in the friend list. The food of a Taurus should include Cheese, seafood, spring onions and raspberries. Food high in copper content is a must. Since they have a tendency to eat more, they should watch out for weight problems.

They should wear colors like blue and purple, green and turquoise. They should wear Emeralds and Violets are their favorite flowers. They should be conscious of their neck and throat.

Famous personalities like George Clooney, Katharine Hepburn, Charlotte Bronte, William Shakespeare, Tony Blair, Queen Elizabeth the II and Ho Chi Minh belong to this group. Others like Sigmund Freud, Leonardo da Vinci, Florence Nightingale, along with Madhuri Dixit, Mousumi Chatterjee and Pooja Bedi are all Taurus personalities.