The Virgo sun-sign personality is good in communication with people they are used to but at the same time they are very critical. That is the reason they can at times be misunderstood but they don't have any bad intention while observing faults in others. The ruling planet for a Virgo is Mercury.

They are perfectionist and look into details. They love serving others and making others happy gives them great joy. They are studious and have the habit of studying any situation carefully. Some people criticize them for being extra cautious but they don't mind for it is in their nature to study the situation. Virgo is the only symbol which has a female or virgin as the symbol. These hygienic people who are both clean and neat are a pleasure to have around. As far as the knowledge of hygiene and diet goes they keep themselves well informed. Often it is found that they choose a medical or health career. They are fond of physically strenuous exercises and they do that very well.

Since they are open and devoted to their lovers they are successful in a relationship too. They are very pleasing companions. Easy going and soft hearted they are very sensible. Virgos like to be secretive about them selves as they do not trust others and they feel they have the capacity to solve their problems them-selves. They are successful in solving projects but may take too long to complete as they go much into the details. They can open up and be themselves with known friends and in familiar situations. They work better as subordinates and places like libraries.

Virgos charm and dignity make them very attractive. They work well with their hands, they are technically sound and have a creative flair. They love their families and are not talkative. To get the correct presentable look they can spend hours in front of the mirror. They don't dream much and live in a practical world. He does not enjoy parties much as he does not enjoy the company of many people. The food he is served should be colorful and good looking. He would not prefer new experiments and like sticking to conventional food which has been tested before. Since Virgos have eyes for details and are methodical, success is there at the doorstep for them.

Some interesting facts about a Virgo are that they like flowers like chrysanthemum, eucalyptus, veronica, ivy and thistle. The colours like light blue, white as well as chocolate make them feel good. They are most compatible with Capricorn, Taurus and another Virgo. The gems that are good to them and they are truly fond of; are Topaz, Agate and Aquamarine. A Virgo is of the earth sign and is very practical. Rishi Kappor, Kareena Kapoor, Saira Banu to Richard Gere, Agatha Christie and Michael Jackson all belongs to this zodiac sign.