Their symbol is the scale and they use that carefully to measure every ounce to keep them in harmony and they read every situation carefully. Are you with a Libra? If you are, you can be sure that they will always make you very comfortable.

The planet Venus rules a Libra. They are the lovers of beauty and all things pretty. They have a pretty good knowledge about what to say and make others feel very comfortable. With a beautiful smile and charming personality they are very good at winning the hearts of others. Instinctively they have the capacity to read the mind of others and with their communication skills they can make every individual feel happy. Argumentative in nature they can always argue to an extent that the other person gives up. However a Libra will do well in the profession of a Lawyer. The Libras are sometimes found to be diplomatic as you will hear them say only things which please you. They reserve opinions to themselves. They have good administrative qualities and can get a group to work for them positively. They are very fashionable and love to keep themselves up-to-date.

However they don't go by the dictates of fashion and prefer dressing their way. They will accumulate a lot of wealth and will share it with others. At times overspending is a problem with a Libra. Violence and injustice upsets them. At times because they talk too much and try to make others happy they are considered fickle minded. Yet they are good strategists and have excellent organizing powers. The air element being significant in them they are able to soar high and achieve their ambition. They have a thirst for harmony and peace. Balancing their own life and the life of others is what they always look out for and they achieve it too. They being keen observers and people who have studied the human nature well they have a great sense of justice too. Their circle of people may sometimes use them to settle matter of disputes and their opinion are mostly found to be very logical. Libras need to be cautious about their kidneys and lower back. Drinks should be avoided totally and should carefully choose what they put on their menu card.

Some interesting facts about Libras are that they are fond of the colors blue in all its shades and Lavender. Other colors like shades of green and nearly all pastel shades attract them. Trees that they are fond of and benefit from are almond and cypress. The metal which should be with them is copper. Flowers like tube roses, tea roses and gladiolus attract them. They are compatible with the Gemini's and Aquarians. Arbaz Khan, Kajol, Saif Ali Khan, Sanjay Dutt to Hema Malini, Mahatma Gandhi, T.S. Elliot and Charlie Brown all belong to this Sun-sign.