In accordance to the sign allotted to it, these personalities have the strength of a wild horse in them. They love good energy-spending sports and are enthusiastic about going outdoors, explore the earth and discover new things in nature. They go on from one discovery, from one adventure to the next, never satisfied with their previous achievements.

It is the ninth zodiac sun sign and is for those born between Nov.22 to Dec. 21. It is ruled by the planet, Jupiter, which is considered to be the planet of good fortune. It has a sign of an archer with a half man with a half horse body holding a bow and an arrow. This symbolization is depictive. It represents the mind of the person born under this sign. People born under different zodiac signs have personality traits which are exclusive to each but there's also some intermingling of the personalities which are born at the borderline of the month.

Traveling, particularly long distance is an unquenchable fire within their bones. They seem to have outstanding energy in them. They cannot accept a routine in life and are eager for innovation all the time. Therefore, Sagittarians are impatient and frequently bossy in nature, and added to that is their strong headedness! Their strong, independent personality makes a slot for itself even in their married life. They love freedom and cannot adjust to a secluded, submissive life. Though they make sincere, companions, this desire brings interference in their married and family lives; they allow their careers and enthusiasm to traveling, especially traveling long distances, to overrule their domestic responsibilities. They are pleasant personalities, though, and are idealistic; they are interesting to be with as they keep conversation alive and keep their audience mesmerized with their exciting experiences and anecdotes.

The Sagittarians are religious but they may look at it only philosophically so that they are good at studies about God but never find God Himself. Putting it differently, they stoically follow what they think and understand is right in religion rather than be taught the right path. They value morality and their head rules over their sexual desires unless severely pushed against it. Professionally, they make good philosophers, teachers both religious and non-religious. They also perform well as explorers and ambassadors. Some famous Sagittarian personalities are John Milton and Mark Twain, both famous writers, Walt Disney, a famous film maker, Pope John XXM, the head of he Catholic church, Winston Churchill, the British prime minister, Britney Spears, a famous singer and Steven Spielberg, a famous film director to name a few.

The colors allotted to Sagittarians are cobalt blue, navy blue, orange and tan. The stone which is said to 'bring good fortune' to them is turquoise though earlier it was supposed to be ruby. The flowers favorable to them are dahlias, peonies and hydrangeas.